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Considerations for a Family Pet

A pet is a treasured member of the family, and many children are excited to welcome one into the home. However, when bringing a pet into your family, there are several considerations to make beforehand. … Read More

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Autumn Crafts for Children

Spend some quality time with your child and encourage their creativity with these four fun and engaging fall crafts for children. Pumpkin apple stamps An apple cut in half resembles a pumpkin shape, making this … Read More

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Fall Outdoor Activities for Families

Cooler fall weather often makes us think of bundling up and staying indoors. While a cozy fall day at home can be fun, there are many ways your family can still enjoy the great outdoors. … Read More

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Educational Benefits of Music

Whether it’s dancing, singing, or playing along, children love music. More than just a fun activity, music has several educational benefits as well. Here are four educational benefits of music for children. Music improves math … Read More

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What’s An Ideal Child Care Environment?

There are many factors that go into picking the best child care environment for your infant, toddler, or preschooler. A good child care center should fit in well with your values and lifestyle. The space … Read More

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How to Encourage Mindfulness in Children

Many of us use mindfulness in our everyday lives to minimize anxiety, relieve stress, and get ourselves through difficult moments. However, children can benefit from learning mindfulness techniques as well. According to Psychology Today, mindfulness … Read More

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Educational Benefits of Play

Children love to play, and it’s an essential part of early education. Even in the simplest of games, children are learning critical life skills and educational concepts. Here are some of the educational benefits of … Read More