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Winter Outdoor Activities for Children

Depending on where you live, you may be adjusting to keeping your child entertained and active during the winter. There are many outdoor winter activities for children, which can help to reduce the risk of … Read More

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Considerations for a Family Pet

A pet is a treasured member of the family, and many children are excited to welcome one into the home. However, when bringing a pet into your family, there are several considerations to make beforehand. … Read More

KLA Schools Naperville Pumpkin

Fall Outdoor Activities for Families

Cooler fall weather often makes us think of bundling up and staying indoors. While a cozy fall day at home can be fun, there are many ways your family can still enjoy the great outdoors. … Read More

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Is Your Child a Picky Eater? How to Help

If your child is a picky eater, it can be concerning. You may worry about your child not getting enough nutrients, and may also feel bad for your child’s experience. Picky eating is a way … Read More

Understanding Children’s Tantrums

When your child has a tantrum, you may feel a loss of control as well as confusion over what to do to help your child. Tantrums are a normal facet of early childhood development, but … Read More

The Role of Teachers in Early Childhood Education

The education that your child receives in the first few years of life is critically important. Early childhood education imparts several benefits including fewer behavioral problems, greater success in later education, and improved mental health. Here … Read More