Our Enrichment Programs, offered to all students

Naperville Daycare

Core Values

Core Values get incorporated into every aspect of the school and experiences. “Core Values Embedding Life Choices” program is one of the ways to help students develop good habits and virtues and lay a foundation for making better choices. As educators, we have always been building positive, responsible, and respectful citizens.


Mindfulness is incorporated throughout the day, primarily during transitions to provide our students with opportunities for their social-emotional development. They enhance their ability to become more self-aware, understand and regulate their feelings and emotions, understand other’s emotions, work effectively with their peers, and form habits of being kind and empathetic.

Naperville Summer Camp
Preschool Naperville

Innovative Computing & Robotics

Aptitude in technology is critical to success. The sooner children feel comfortable maneuvering the digital ecosphere, the easier they’ll adapt to the ever-changing landscape. In this enrichment program, our students three years and above learn:
• Mouse manipulation skills
• Pre-Keyboarding
• Visual programming
• Basic website design
• Animation
• Robotics
• Digital Citizenship

Reggie Fitness

Students get active while learning essentials! A healthy routine filled with physical activity is essential to establish early in a child’s development. In this enrichment program, our teachers explore concepts such as:
• Health Awareness
• Gross Motor / Large muscle movements
• Balancing skills
• Body Coordination
• Core Values
through Yoga, games and more.

Naperville Before & After Care
Kla Schools

Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom

Our students use this space not just for gross motor development, but also for outdoor assembly, journaling, reading books in the shade and using their imaginations as they explore nature.

Organic Gardening
At KLA Schools, we create opportunities for children to learn through gardening, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder about fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Having a community garden allows our students to strengthen their core values as it provides them with something they are responsible for from start to finish. At the beginning of the summer, each classroom plants their own seeds in pods and then transfers them into their class-room garden beds. From there, the students continuously water and help maintain the area as they care for their plants. Gardening not only improves nutritional attitudes and but enhances children’s environmental leadership skills.


It’s a welcoming, creative space where children of all ages come individually or in small groups to express their imagination and experiment with different media. Some of the natural and manufactured materials ready to inspire the inner artist are:
• Clay
• Paper
• Fabric
• Wire
• Light
• Beads
• Shells
• Leaves
• Wood

Childcare Center Naperville

Grand Piazza Exploration

The Grand Piazza is a community gathering area that allows for a wide range of social interactions and building upon relationships. Our Piazza is set up with a variety of new provocations on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to explore these different experiences on a daily basis with their classroom or with their parents.

Spanish Exposure

Multiple studies have shown statistics that the second language improves memory and analytic abilities and strengthens problem-solving skills. By incor-porating a second language into children’s daily routine, they benefit from in-creased verbal communication, analytical reasoning, much more! In our Spanish program, students will:
• Learn basic conversational salutations, numbers
• Grasp the environmental vocabulary
• Develop a cultural awareness

Summer Camp

Music Class

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “music is the universal language of all mankind.” As one of our unique benefits, students at KLA Schools of Naperville are exposed to a variety of activities within the Kindermusik program. Parallel with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Kindermusik provides weekly lessons that focus on the whole-child to enhance a child’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Music Education is more than just learning about beats and rhythms, it is designed to nurture multiple areas of a child’s development and tap into a variety of individual learning styles.

Martial Arts

Class of the 3s and 4s get exposure and participate in Martial arts class on a regular basis. Martial arts are an ancient method of training your mind, body, and spirit to act as one. Martial arts practitioners strive for harmony, but also to learn effective self-defense techniques.

Children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life, such as:
• Self-discipline
• Setting goals
• Increase confidence and self-esteem
• Teamwork
• Respect
• Listening to others
• Conflict resolution

Summer Camp

Mud Day

Playing in mud is fun and beneficial for children
Our school provide the students with an opportunity to play in the mud as it is a rich open ended sensory experience that allows children to connect with nature.

We participate in the International Mud Day every year. International Mud Day began at a World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education and inspired educators, children, and families across the globe to celebrate.

Career Exposure

Expert Guest Speakers
At KLA Schools, we motivate and expose students to various careers like Architect, Doctor, Dentist, Chef, Pilot, Police officer, Fire Fighters, Farmer, Attorney, Engineer, Entrepreneur etc., by having expert guest speakers who are experts in their chosen field to come and inspire them.

Field Visits
Class of the 3s and above go on educational field visits to places related to their field of study to understand how the concepts are implemented in real-life.

Summer Camp

Special Enrichment Events

We call all young scientists for its annual STEM fair! All students age 2 and older are encouraged to participate by working on a science project at home and displaying it proudly at the fair for the world to see. The classrooms also present their STEM projects, their hypothesis, and their outcome. Students and parents participate in a STEM Challenge by visiting all classrooms.

Fine Arts Festival
We are always excited to showcase children’s work. Seeing such a diverse array of objects together really highlights the depth of the student’s work and the variety of opportunities and different materials students are able to explore and express themselves with.

Every year we prepare the Piazza and hallways of our school and share different pieces of work with families. This is a wonderful opportunity for the school community to come together and enjoy children’s work throughout the school year.

Literacy Night
To celebrate the week of the young child in April, every year we host a Literacy night where students from each classroom plan experiences based on a book of their interest. The students will read, write books and present their creations to the parents and other classrooms.

Cultural Night
Students, Parents, and Educators celebrate the cultural diversity of their families throughout the year. Everyone comes together for one special evening to celebrate on our school’s annual Cultural Night, which gives families a chance to share food, music, dance, and information about their traditions.

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