Our School


We believe education begins at birth, not Kindergarten

Our living, breathing, evolving vision is the guiding force for the decisions we make. It has helped us establish one of the pre-eminent early educational schools throughout the region.
We are made up of an incredible team of dedicated educators and support staff who are truly passionate about helping children to receive a high-quality education which will maximize opportunities for their future.

Leaving traces in the community, by nurturing young minds to be responsible, respectful, caring citizens and confident leaders.


Bringing Our Vision to Life

Classroom Environments That Align with Our Vision
Our educators not only carefully research the best educational models in the world, they also instill best practices into each classroom. It provides every child a personal learning environment that will help them grow and become exceptional students and leaders.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility is an integral component of our core values, and we strive to model this in everything we do. We aim to help the children in our care understand we are part of a larger community of people and when we care about the causes around us, it makes a difference.

Community Involvement
Taking what we learn in a classroom setting and moving it out to the world around us is crucial to the learning process, which is why we take part in numerous community projects through the years, and many of our parents are as involved as our students.

Exceptional Core Values
Adults -parents, teachers, and others- are constant role models for children. They observe everything we do and say, how we act, and how we interact with them and each other. We model our core values through our actions, our words, and our love and support for one another and the children in our school.

Top level Leadership
Leaders are not born; they are made. Tomorrow’s leaders are among the youngest children in our care, and we strive to expose them to some of today’s leaders throughout the community in a wide range of disciplines. We foster children to develop self-confidence, empathy and work effectively with others.

Collaboration with Experts in the Community
We actively seek this collaboration with exceptional, seasoned leaders from all walks of life throughout our community. Through Guest Speakers, Field trips, and Parental involvement, our focus is on ensuring all children experience the best our communities have to offer.

Our Leadership Team

Selvei Rajkumar
Selvei Rajkumar

Managing Director

Erica Koegel

Executive Director

Jessica Wathen

School Principal

Carrie Hemmer

Admissions & Finance Director

A Letter from our Leadership Team

Dear Families,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the KLA Schools of Naperville.

We invite you to explore our website and encounter what makes us unique. It is through a passionate leadership team and a dedicated team of educators, we have established an environment where students are respected, nurtured, valued, and given the opportunity to wonder and discover. We are committed to our vision – leaving traces in the community by nurturing young minds to be respectful, caring, citizens and future leaders.

We want you to visit our school to learn the purpose and intention through which we provide a quality education and feel wonderful to have your child to be part of the experience and our school family. Our students are encouraged to explore, hypothesize, experiment, and collaborate with peers to learn about the world around them and their significance within. Students learn to construct, reflect, and reconstruct their ideas and understanding, thus enabling the creation of critical thinkers.

Our Reggio-inspired classrooms provoke curiosity and the educators instill a passion for a life-long love of learning. Core values, environmental education, and technology are also embedded into our programming which truly sets us apart in the community.

We also make a strong investment in professional development, as we feel it is important to learn continuously and grow our skills and educational competencies. We have partnered with professors affiliated with Harvard University in ‘Making Thinking Visible’ initiative, to foster critical thinking in our students.

We strive to create a rich context of experiences for our children in our school which are developmentally appropriate and which exceed the Illinois Early Learning Standards. The environment at the school is also viewed as a source of inspiration and a teacher in and of itself. The children have ample opportunities to express their creativity and individuality. The outdoor space is nature inspired and includes an organic garden. There is also an art studio with a wide array of materials such as natural, manmade, recycled materials and more.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you and offer your child a remarkable early childhood education experience.

Kindest Regards,
KLA Schools of Naperville Leadership Team

Our Educators

We believe happy teachers make happy children and happy children make happy parents.
The team of educators who teach the children in our school are some of the most accomplished, caring, compassionate individuals within this field. We encourage all our staff to participate regularly in professional development seminars, classes, and programs.
We constantly strive to discover new and more effective ways to teach and encourage the children we’ve been entrusted to educate and support. Our educators observe and note behaviors, accomplishments, and challenges that our students exhibit and these notes are often available for each child’s parent(s) to read and observe.
Our teachers facilitate a fluid learning environment that truly encourages children to explore the world around them at their pace, so they feel loved, safe, secure, and supported. We also focus on a curriculum that feeds the entire child, from healthy diets to exercise programs to indoor and outdoor learning environments.
As these children learn and grow, they are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and think deeper about the new information or theories they discover. Our teachers are as invested in each child they educate as the child herself or himself.


When parents are involved

With any program designed to educate and nurture children, parents are just as integral to success as educators. The stable relationships children experience during these first years of life will impact them for the rest of their life, and we believe in forming strong, warm, and nurturing relationships with not just the children but their parents as well.
When parents take an active role in their child’s growth at school, it affects their self-confidence and these participating parents also instill a gift upon the other children through experiences and information they provide.
Every parent has a special gift, and when they share that knowledge with children eager to learn, explore, discover, and grow, they will carry it with them for years to come.
Parents as partners is a foundation forof the success we’ve experienced already and encourage their continued support and direct or indirect involvement.

There is a big difference between a School and a Daycare

What does KLA Schools of Naperville look like? How are the classrooms set up? What is this ‘art atelier’ we talk so fondly about?
Is the outdoor learning environment truly remarkable?

Take our photo tour, and we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Safety and Security

We understand there are plenty of concerns, risks, and hazards parents worry about every day.

We want you to relax each time you drop your child off for an exciting day of learning, fun, and exploration.

No outsiders are allowed inside the building unless specifically authorized. Every exterior door is secured by advanced technologies, which means no one can gain access except those with the proper credentials and authorization.

Our staff members are certified in pediatric first aid and CPR and are highly trained to handle a wide range of potential emergency situations. We have solid health and safety plans that are constantly evaluated and practiced.

Toys, tables, desks, chairs, and other items are constantly sterilized to minimize the risk of transferring illnesses. We also make it a priority to ensure any allergies to products, materials, or food items is carefully documented to protect susceptible children from harm.

Your child is a gift, and at KLA Schools of Naperville, the safety and security of your child is the top priority.


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