Fall Fest at KLA Schools of Naperville

Rathika Subramanian

Fall Festival KLA Schools of Naperville

Plainfield & Naperville, IL (October 22, 2019) – This past Saturday, both KLA Schools of Illinois gathered and celebrated the glorious season of fall. Fall is a wonderful time of the year where the foliage is beautiful, and the gatherings are warm and cozy. At KLA Schools, the staff and families have established their very own fall traditions. Each fall, the KLA Family, gather on a Saturday morning for the annual Fall Festival. KLA Schools of Plainfield has been hosting their fall festival for six years, KLA Schools of Naperville celebrated the first of many Fall Festivals and other events to come.


This year the Annual Fall Festival was unique because it was the first of many Fall Festivals at the KLA Naperville Campus. Ms. Morgan, the Admissions and Pedagogical Director, said, “It is hard to believe that earlier this year the Naperville campus was a construction site. There weren’t finished classrooms, a playground, or a Piazza yet. Now, our school is full of positive energy, laughter, and learning. We had around 25 families, their extended families, and others from the Naperville Community join us for the first Fall Fest. We are so thankful for all of our new students and their parents who have trusted us, became part of the KLA family, and spent the beautiful sunny fall day celebrating and getting to know each other!”


During the Fall Festivals at both schools, the little learners and their families made many new memories. For the third year in a row, Sarah’s Ponies came out to our schools from Willow Springs, Illinois. There were two ponies at each of the schools, and the children took turns riding and chanting “Yeehaw” throughout the school parking lot. In the Atelier of each of the schools, there was face painting, and children could choose between Spiderman, spider webs, rainbows, and other designs. The other classrooms had fall provocations set up inviting the children to investigate with pumpkins, gourds, and colorful leaves! Families also enjoyed apples and caramel, freshly popped popcorn, apple cider, snow cones, and more as they navigated their way from one experience to the next.

For families and children, family events like the ones that KLA Schools host, grow rich with significance year after year. One of the Plainfield Parents said, “We look forward to the fall festival each year, it is one of our favorite family events that the school puts on and we love that our entire family is welcome!”

As you walk through the school two days later, you’ll hear the students sharing their stories and memories with their peers and teachers. They already are looking forward to next month’s family event, Friendsgiving!


About KLA Schools


KLA Schools of Naperville is one of the leading preschools throughout Illinois. Utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to education, each of their students explores the world around them at their own pace, with the guidance and direction of highly skilled, trained, and compassionate teachers. This school understands the vitality of early learning and continues to strive to remain a leader in early education. Helping children build a powerful foundation for their future school years, KLA Schools provides a comfortable, safe, and exciting learning environment where children are eager to return to day after day.