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Rathika Subramanian

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FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Naperville, November 1st, 2021

October was packed with fun Fall experiences, events, and learning at KLA Schools of Naperville, and Plainfield.  The schools were thrilled to host an in-person walk-a-thon and Fall Festival at a local Naperville park. The two schools decided to co-mingle this year and had the event jointly. “It was a great collaboration between the schools,” Heather Fugate remarked.  She mentioned, “the schools worked together to put on this day of family fun. Our goal was to come together and enjoy the beauty of Fall and all the wonderments that accompany the season”.  From the sounds of it, the schools succeeded in their attempts to do this.  Heather said, “we had a fantastic walk, and then enjoyed face painting, a balloon artist, Fall games, popcorn, and our favorite kids DJ spinning music all day. What more could you ask for.  We loved being able to do this for our families this year”.

Carrie Hemmer, the admissions director of both schools, mentioned that both schools hosted a Scholastic Book Sale during the month. She said, “It was incredible to see the outpouring of support for literacy from our families.  Between the two schools, we raised over $6,000 in book sales.  That meant a massive amount of new books for each school’s classroom and enrichment areas. Our parents are incredibly supportive of everything we do; we are very fortunate to have such great parent partners”.

Erica Koegel, executive director of the Naperville, future Naperville school, and Plainfield KLA Schools said that “the best way to finish off the month was with a Halloween Parade for the families.” Erica added, “the weather did not cooperate with us at all, unfortunately.  However, we adapted quickly and put together an adorable indoor parade for the families that we did through Zoom.  The parents loved the event and appreciated that they didn’t have to sit in the rain or leave work for it”.

Although the pandemic is starting to subside, the schools are still carefully monitoring guidance. Carrie Hemmer, the health and safety spokesperson for KLA, says, “We are committed to ongoing top-notch health and safety practices for as long as necessary. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and keep and follow any changes announced from Governor Pritzker, the CDC, and DCFS.”

KLA has open enrollment right now and is offering personalized virtual and in-person Saturday visits by appointment.  Please contact Carrie Hemmer, our admissions director, to schedule a visit to the schools.


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