KLA Schools are heading into the Holiday season full of optimism, positivity, and gratitude.

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Naperville

Naperville, IL – November 20, 2020 – KLA Schools are heading into the Holiday season full of optimism, positivity, and gratitude. As a school during a pandemic, Ms. Carrie, the school’s Admission Director, states, “At this point, our school has fully adapted to the tedious cleaning and safety protocols. It all has become a normal part of the educator’s daily routines as they go above and beyond to keep our environment safe. Our big focus has been the mental health and wellness of our leadership team, educators, students, and their families. In these trying times, it very important that we come together as a community, and so far, we are going a great job doing so.”
KLA Schools believes in having an attitude for gratitude and that without appreciation, negativity tends to creep in and block success. Selvei Rajkumar, the school’s Managing Director, is a massive influence in this belief. Ms. Selvei has sent gratitude journals to all staff members to write in each day. Ms. Morgan, the Pedagogical Director, says, “A few colleagues and I were talking about how we feel when we write in our journals, and it’s compelling. For me, it gives me feelings of happiness because I focus on what matters most in life, on all that I must be thankful for despite the challenges 2020 has brought.”

Practicing gratitude has a ripple effect. When the teachers spread grace, it motivates students to respond positively. Everyday classrooms meet in a large group for their Assembly. During the last couple of weeks, the teachers at KLA have been encouraging children to take notice, “What do you have in your life to be grateful for?” They have been inviting them to think deeper about the things they have, “Do you think the person gave you a gift because they thought they had to or because they wanted to?” Then they share their emotions, ‘What does it feel like inside?” Another important topic of the discussion is about what to do to show appreciation, “Does the feeling you have about this gift make you want to share this feeling by giving to someone else?”

For the Thanksgiving Celebration at the school, the classrooms will have a festive lunch catered in by OrganicLife. It usually is delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. To make the meal extra special, each group creates something to display on another classroom’s table. Like centerpieces filled with branches and little notes of thankfulness, carefully fall designed tablecloths, table runners for harvest feasts, and more!

Within the next few weeks, KLA will be purchasing gift-cards from small family-owned restaurants affected by COVID-19, which will be gifted to their families as a sincere thanks during this challenging time for their support. KLA Schools does not just practice gratitude during the holidays or a pandemic. They practiced before and will continue to do so after too. However, there may not be a better time than now!

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