Celebrating Teachers at KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Naperville


Naperville, IL – May 11th, 2021 – The KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield have just concluded a week-long celebration of their teachers.

School principal Erica Koegel said, “Each day of the week, we uniquely honored our teachers. We also had an overall theme for the week; it was Fiesta as we celebrated our incredible team of educators. Everyone got involved in showing thanks to our teachers, the children, parents, and the leadership team. The teachers were given hand-written notes, flowers, a special Taco bar lunch, sweet treats, and a Friday night out for fun at Whirly Ball.

Our families sponsored the excursion in addition to the food and kind gestures, and gifts. Our parents showed an incredible outpouring of support this week; we were beyond grateful for all they did. We have an incredible team, and it is heart-warming to see these amazing families agree.” School principal Heather Fugate also added that The Plainfield leadership team made T-shirts for the teachers and leadership for both schools. They spent many hours on the Cricket and creating the adorable shirts; it is an honor to work among so many dedicated and passionate people at our schools.”

The KLA team has also declared the month of May “Parent appreciation month.”

They will be honoring the families differently each Friday. The first Friday of May celebrated the mothers at the schools. Selvei Rajkumar, managing director, said that “the children carefully painted glass mason jars and then arranged beautiful fresh flowers in them. They also made cards for the moms and shared what they loved most about them. Each class did a special experience on Zoom with the Mothers; some read books while others sang songs or were interviewed about Mother’s Day. It was a special day for everyone, families and teachers alike. It warmed my heart to see so much gratitude flowing through our schools”.

The next few Fridays will have other special surprises for the families that will be sure to please. Heather Fugate added that “we wanted to do something a little different this year for our families, especially after this difficult year with the pandemic. They have been extraordinarily supportive and kind during this time, and we want them to know it has not gone unnoticed.”
Although the pandemic is starting to subside, we are still vigilant of our pandemic protocols.

Carrie Hemmer, the health and safety spokesperson for KLA, says, “We are committed to ongoing top-notch health and safety practices for as long as necessary during this pandemic. In no way are we letting down our guard at this point. We will continue to implement all the practices we have since the virus emerged. Our parents and community are counting on us to do what is best for our children and team. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and keep an ear out for changes from Governor Pritzker.”

KLA has open enrollment right now and is offering personalized virtual and in-person Saturday visits by appointment. Please contact Carrie Hemmer, our admissions director, to schedule a visit to the schools.

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