KLA Schools of Naperville Will Open its Doors Later this Fall

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Naperville Ground Breaking

KLA Schools of Naperville, a brand new, innovative and unique upscale preschool in Naperville, will open its doors to the public this fall. The school celebrated its groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. The event included guest speakers, from elected city elected officials, KLA Schools Franchise administrators, and a presentation by the school founders.

City Councilwoman Patty Gustin and Judy Brodhead presided over the event and welcomed KLA Schools to Naperville and expressed how the school can make a positive impact on the community. Selvei Rajkumar, Managing Director and Owner of KLA Schools of Naperville, recognized the team and community members who have been instrumental in helping them achieve these goals. Roberto and Candy Ortega were excited to have Selvei and her husband, Kumar Rajkumar, partner with them and continue their services to educate young children and share their vision.

Children, teachers, and the KLA Schools of Plainfield Principal were also in attendance. Kindergarteners and the Class of the 3s from Plainfield have been researching and investigating various aspects of construction as part of their in-depth project for the year. They were amazed by the machinery and work occurring around them as the ceremony took place. The new Principal for KLA Schools of Naperville, Heather Fugate, read a book by Sherri Duskey Rinker, “Mighty, Mighty Construction Site” to the students and guests at the event. The book highlights some of the values embedded in the school’s philosophy, including cooperation and teamwork.

The Mayor of Naperville, Steve Chirico, was not able to make it to the groundbreaking ceremony but he did write a letter that read, “I hope that today is a chance for you to learn more about construction and how we build our city. One of the most important jobs as a mayor is helping to get the new building built. We love when places like KLA want to build their building in Naperville. It takes a lot of men and women who will be building the school. Today is the first step in making that happen so that other boys and girls get a chance to go to a great place like KLA every day.”

KLA Schools of Naperville encompasses over 12,800 square feet of learning space. This includes large classrooms, a Piazza where children can gather and feel as though they are part of a community, an Atelier where students can find inspiration for their innate creativity, and a nature-based playground. The state-of-the-art facility features the most functional and safe furniture available for early education which includes crafted pieces hand-selected from Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Construction of the school continues to make progress as the team recently laid the foundation for the building. Opening of the school is planned for September 2019.

KLA Schools of Naperville is currently enrolling children for the school year 2019-20. The school holds monthly open houses and special events with coffee, brunch, community networking, and more. The events are hosted in the KLA Schools Plainfield Location and in the Enrollment Office next to the Naperville’s school’s site. This is a great opportunity for interested parents to learn more about the school’s approach and see how a progressive education gives each student the best opportunity to learn.

Integrating a unique approach, KLA Schools of Naperville will stimulate and develop children’s imagination and critical thinking. This will foster growth in their problem-solving skills, which are the foundation for success for the rest of their educational career. KLA Schools of Naperville empowers children to be good citizens, curious and competent, connected to the world in an active state of learning through interactions and experiences in their local community.

To learn more about KLA Schools of Naperville or to schedule a tour, visit https://www.klaschoolsnaperville.com.

About KLA Schools

KLA Schools is the best preschool with extended care environment for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years. The school’s founding principle is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, which has been heralded as one of the best programs in the world and was featured by CNN and Newsweek magazine. By incorporating and combining the use of natural environments and a nurturing atmosphere, KLA Schools provides children with the best opportunities in education for their young minds.

For those who would like more information about KLA Schools of Naperville and the many enrichment activities that the school offers, including Core Values, Spanish, Music Class, Parent Involvement, Parent Committees, Mindfulness, Innovative Computing & Robotics, Reggie Fitness, Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, Organic Gardening, STEM Atelier, Grand Piazza Explorations, Martial Arts, and more, please contact KLA Schools of Naperville Admissions at 630.448.2552 or Admissions@klaschoolsNaperville.com.