KLA Schools Second Annual ‘Family Fun Walk’ Was a Great Success

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools Naperville Walk a thon

Plainfield, IL (September 27, 2017) – For the second time, KLA Schools was able to host a family fun walk at Grande Park Community Park as part of a fundraiser to benefit M.P.Foundation, which is devoted to eliminating homelessness. The event was held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

M.P.Foundation believes that everyone deserves a home and the only true way to eliminate homelessness is by providing everyone the irrevocable wealth we all deserve: education. Through education, people can then work and feed themselves. The foundation offers Informational Webinars to build capabilities of families, teachers, and leaders.

While the causes and solutions to homelessness are complex, there is much that an individual or community group can do to help. M.P.Foundation strongly believes that Education is an important tool to bring long-term social positive change. Spreading awareness about education among people is most challenging due to poverty, illiteracy, non-availability of quality education and social practices. The foundation hosts free informational seminars about the importance of early education and encourages everyone to participate so that by the time a child grows into adulthood, the world should be a place of opportunity where they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to pursue their ambitions.”

The Admissions Director at KLA Schools, Morgan Sartain, said “We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather is as beautiful as the families who participated in this event. One of the greatest things we can teach our children is to give back, and that is why I love being a part of the large KLA Family. I truly believe that the Reggio Emilia philosophy is what’s best for children because of the way it supports the whole child, not just academics.”

This event also supports health and fitness encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The KLA staff and families including, children from toddlers to school-age children, walked just over a mile around the track. There was also running, jumping, and skipping which are all wonderful gross motor exercises. After the walk finished, everyone enjoyed organic bananas, juicy oranges, and nutritious breakfast bars.

The morning ended with some fun on the playground where the children laughed and played. The families of KLA Schools already can’t wait for next year’s Family Fun Walk and the prospect of being part of another fundraising activity in the future.

About KLA Schools

KLA Schools of Plainfield is one of the leading preschools throughout Illinois. Utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to education, each of their students explores the world around them at their own pace, with the guidance and direction of highly skilled, trained, and compassionate teachers. This school understands the vitality of early learning and continues to strive to remain a leader in early education. Helping children build a powerful foundation for their future school years, KLA Schools provides a comfortable, safe, and exciting learning environment children are eager to return to day after day.