Mindfulness into the daily lives of the children and faculty.

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Naperville, IL – January 15th, 2021 – The KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield have started the New Year with a resolution to incorporate more mindfulness into the daily lives of the children and faculty.   The schools are collaborating with Jen Consilio, a professor from Lewis College and a mindfulness expert.  Angelina Damato, the Naperville school’s pedagogical coordinator, says that “Jen will be helping the schools integrate increased mindfulness practice into the core curriculum, and it is in alignment with the school’s core values and mission”.  Jen says that “some of the benefits of mindfulness practice include: better attention and focus, help with emotion regulation, increased compassion for others, and it creates a sense of calmness”.

Despite the focus on a positive new year, Carrie Hemmer, the health and safety spokesperson for KLA, says, “We are committed to ongoing top-notch health and safety practices for as long as necessary during this pandemic.  In no way are we letting down our guard at this point; our parents depend on our thoroughness to detail and transparent communication.  We are fully invested in continuing to do what is best for our families and team”.

The schools are both conducting parent/teacher conferences and professional development days during January.  Selvei Rajkumar, the managing director of the schools, says that “parent/teacher conferences and assessments help foster the parents’ engagement in the program. We have found that children have greater educational outcomes when families are involved in their children’s education. KLA Schools is committed to supporting and nurturing parent partnerships”.

Of course, the professional development days of the schools will focus on Mindfulness training for the teams.  Heather Fugate, the school principal at the Naperville school, says, “the team will spend the afternoon working closely with Jen Consilio on fulfilling our commitment to increasing mindfulness practices in the schools.”

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