The educators, students, and families of KLA Schools may be apart, for the Shelter in Place order, while in many ways, still together and stronger than ever!

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools Naperville Shelter in place

Naperville, IL – May 11, 2020 – KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield are going above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of not only the educators, students, and families of KLA but also the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Selvei Rajkumar, the owner of both schools, states, “Our KLA families and staff, are living through unprecedented times, but our community and commitment to our children and families continue to become stronger. Our priority is the safety of everyone around us. Let us continue learning and taking care of ourselves and our world.” 


On March 24, 2020, KLA began their Virtual Learning. “All ages attend Monday through Friday, to meet virtually in the mornings with their classmates and teachers for learning experiences together. In the afternoons, we offer daily Zoom Enrichments like Mindfulness and Yoga, STEAM, Cooking, Martial Arts, and Fitness! We also send home weekly plans with educational experiences for all students, along with an at-home gardening project journal. Normally at this time, we plant our Organic School Garden. Still, since we have been home, we mailed seed packets to all our KLA families so that the students can make scientific connections while doing hands-on research using the inquiry cycle as their seedlings grow! Although we are apart, technology has been bringing our community together!”


On top of the virtual learning that KLA is offering their students, the School’s Admissions Director, Ms. Carrie, is hosting Free Virtual Enrichment Sessions for the community! “It’s crucial to stay active while sheltering at home. KLA’s free Zoom spark family moments that will leave lasting memories. Also, in a time when children must stay away from their friends and peers, the classes serve as a sort of online playground to maintain a social life in a time of social distancing. We have had over 110 families from the community register for the classes so far, which is amazing and much fun!” 


Let us not forget about how challenging this time can be for parents, KLA has been offering Free Parent Education Webinar that started on April 3. The first expert to present was Lina Acosta Sandaal, Social-Emotional and Developmental Specialist, shared ideas, tips, and strategies to parents and staff while we are sheltering at home with young children. Other experts, who happen to be two of their very own KLA parents Dr. Summers, local clinical psychologist, and Dr. Consillio, Professor at Lewis University, host Saturday Webinars on Mindfulness, Self-Care, and managing thoughts and emotions. Ms. Erica, School Principal at KLA Plainfield, expressed, “I loved hearing from all of the experts. All the webinars made me think, reflect, and learn new things about myself as a leader in the ECE field and as a wife and parent of two. Life can get busy, and one of the changes I am making is ensuring that self-care is a priority!” 


Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the KLA team found ways to celebrate and honor their cherished families and teachers for Teacher and Parent Appreciation week. Ms. Heather, School Principal at Naperville, expressed, “During the week, we celebrated parents with a video tribute and personally delivered flowers and a card to all our families. We also had a special Zoom assembly with our teachers, where the leadership team assigned each of them a school core value that stands out the most at work. Some of the School core values include teamwork, patience, integrity, positive attitude, and responsibility. To cap off the week, we held a parade at the schools where the families could see and say hi to the teachers from their cars. It was nice to get everyone out for a while, and some families picked up dinner from some of our local eateries after the event.”  


This month the leadership team of KLA Schools has been hard at work drafting a COVID-19 action plan for their reopening on June 1. The result is a comprehensive document that describes exactly how they will operate while the virus is active in the community. “We are doing everything we can and using the best resources out there to aid us in keeping our team and families safe from COVID-19. Our Zono Machine will be running in overdrive sanitizing everything daily, and our new temperature check upon entry system is going to provide the most state-of-the-art health and safety practices in our communities,” said Ms. Heather. 


As always, the innovation and responsibility as leaders in the community shine as KLA School as they stay one step ahead in the battle against the virus!


About KLA Schools of Naperville


At KLA Schools, everyone believes that all children have the right to high-quality education, and Early childhood education is crucial to lifelong success for children in whatever dreams they wish to pursue as they grow.


KLA Schools utilizes the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and development, which has been heralded as one of the best programs in the world and was featured by CNN and Newsweek magazine. KLA is one of the most respected early childhood educational establishments, and when enrolled, your child will be launching into life with enthusiasm and excitement.


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