Week-long celebration of cultural diversity at KLA Schools.

Rathika Subramanian


Naperville, IL – April 19th, 2021 – The KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield have just concluded a week-long celebration of cultural diversity. 

School principal Heather Fugate said, “Each day of the week was a different themed experience for the children to engage in. For example, one day was books and stories from around the world, while another was music from different cultures, and then the finale was a cultural parade. The children were thrilled to share their own cultures and learn new things about their friends and teachers. I was amazed at the amount of diversity we have in our school and how responsive the children and families were to this annual celebration”.

The parades were held in the school’s parking lots where families could still socially distance themselves and enjoy being outdoors during this beautiful Spring weather. 

Both schools had an overwhelming amount of parent participation. Many families and some of the classrooms put together “floats” with their family wagons. Each of the displays represented a different place in the world. 

Some of the countries represented included Korea, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and Greece. Selvei Rajkumar, the owner of the two schools, said, “Many of the children dressed in traditional garb worn by their family cultures. 

Seeing all the beautiful outfits and the children’s pride in this was uplifting and helped us reinforce one of our core values: that differences are to be celebrated and respected. To me, this event brings hope during this tumultuous time that our future generation will live together harmoniously amidst our differences.”

Maggie Klug, the Nido teacher at the Naperville KLA School, shared that she had her Nido families all contribute a family recipe to what turned out to be a Nido cookbook from around the world. Maggie said, “I am so excited to try some of these recipes, everything sounds so delicious, and I was honored that my families shared their recipes passed down to them from many generations.”  

Erica Koegel, the principal at the Plainfield location, shared, “I think this is event is the highlight of my year, and my favorite of all the significant events we host throughout the year. Cultural differences have not always been celebrated. Teaching our children at a young age to respect and appreciate our differences helps the children understand that no culture is better than another. Teaching tolerance and respect for diversity is core to our values at KLA Schools.

Although we have limited in-person events like the cultural parade, we are still vigilant of our pandemic protocols. Carrie Hemmer, the health and safety spokesperson for KLA, says, “We are committed to ongoing top-notch health and safety practices for as long as necessary during this pandemic. In no way are we letting down our guard at this point. We will continue to implement all the practices we have since the virus emerged. Our parents and community are counting on us to do what is best for our children and team”.

KLA has open enrollment right now and is offering personalized virtual and in-person Saturday visits by appointment. Please contact Carrie Hemmer, our admissions director, to schedule a visit to the schools.

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