What’s An Ideal Child Care Environment?

Rathika SubramanianChildcare, Parenting

KLA Schools of Naperville

There are many factors that go into picking the best child care environment for your infant, toddler, or preschooler. A good child care center should fit in well with your values and lifestyle.

The space of a good child care environment should be both thoughtful and inviting. The Reggio Emilia Philosophy believes that the environment in which your child explores is the third teacher.

There are many different preschools you can choose from, so looking for the following things can help you find the one that works best for your child and your family.

All areas of the child care center are clean and in good repair
Fire safety procedures and protocols are in place
The center’s furnishings, decorations, and layout encourage feelings of comfort and curiosity
Toys and other play equipment are age-appropriate and appealing to the children
Toys and equipment are regularly evaluated for safety
There are a variety of spaces designed for the children’s needs, such as reading or napping
There are many spaces for children to play together and separately
Outsiders are not allowed inside the daycare center unless screened by staff beforehand
Parents log their children in each day
All doors leading outdoors are securely locked and are unable to be opened by the children
The child care center is monitored utilizing closed-circuit cameras in all classrooms as well as hallways and outdoor spaces
Outdoor play areas are designed with age-appropriate materials, protective fences, and well-maintained grounds to ensure the children’s safety
Caregivers and educators encourage independent learning and investigation
A wide variety of subjects are available for children to explore, including music, dance, art, math, numbers, counting, and reading
Staff members are well-trained and encourage independence and curiosity
Children are guided based on their existing questions and interests
Materials in the classroom inspire children to think outside the box
During field trips, proper safety procedures are followed